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Glory is a famous web series that has been making a buzz among the crowd since its release. The web series has gotten positive reviews for its storyline, strong perfomances and directions.If you really love the series and searching for ways of downloading Glory web series 2023 free, you're perfectly on right place.

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 Episode 1:

Tortured by her high school classmates and has nobody to seek help, Moon Dong-eun sinks into dispress before deciding on a new mission in life.

 Episode 2:

With Park Yeon-jin's wedding on the way, Dong-eun's revenge extends according to plan; a fateful encounter at a hospital takes place.

 Episode 3:

After securing the services of an amateur sleuth, Dong-eun uncovers improper secrets that she leverages for the next phase of her scheme.

 Episode 4:

Already on edge over the past resurfacing, Yeon-jin grows more anxious when she learns about her daughter's new homeroom teacher and of a sudden death. 

 Episode 5:

While Ha Do-yeong comes across an facsinating game opponent, Yeon-jin realizes her deepest secrets are at stake when she tries to terrify Dong-eun. 

 Episode 6:

Son Myeong-o's sudden absence causes tension in the friend group; Dong-eun finds her trust in Kang Hyeon-nam tested.

 Episode 7:

Dong-eun shares her shocking past with Joo Yeo-jeong, who has incomplete business of his own; another arrangement is set up for Hyeon-nam's little girl. 

 Episode 8:

Do-yeong meets with Choi Hye-jeong to figure out more about his wife and her past; Yeon-jin dives into Dong-eun's confidential life. 

 Episode 9:

Questions emerge over Myeong-o; Dong-eun allows Yeon-jin an opportunity to tell the truth about her past; the conditions of Yoon So-hee's demise are uncovered.

 Episode 10:

Yeon-jin threaten Hyeon-nam subsequent to finding her contribution with Dong-eun; Yeo-jeong devises a method for getting reality out of Yeon-jin.

 Episode 11:

Hye-jeong finds an implicating recording on Myeong-o's tablet; Hyeon-nam gets an unwanted guest as she plans to send her little girl to another country. 

 Episode 12:

Dong-eun's final stage comes into center as she sends Jae-jun a disturbing bundle and organizes an arrangement to bring down Yeon-jin and Lee Sa-ra.

 Episode 13:

As Sa-ra and Yeon-jin manage the effects of their disintegrating reputation, Dong-eun learns the minor details behind Yeo-jeong's secret battles.

 Episode 14:

Yeon-jin and Shin Yeong-jun alarm over Myeong-o; Dong-eun deals with a lingering problem; Yeon-jin's mom plans to eliminate a danger. 

 Episode 15:

Do-yeong issues a final proposal; Dong-eun requests a piece of proof be given over; Yeon-jin endeavors to cause harm control after old recordings seem on the web. 

 Episode 16:

As the last bits of Dong-eun's retribution plot opening into place, she thinks about what comes straightaway and how might affect Yeo-jeong.

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