Several teenagers are introduced to acne and quite worried about what has happened to their skin. And to tell the truth, the red zits and break outs, along with the mess that acne creates on your skin can freak out even the strongest of people. Because acne has a visibility immediately, people with acne can even undergo depression and may not like to meet and visit people. It’s not just in the comic books that a girl does not go to the prom because of a zit that has broken out just hours before the big dance. So, what is acne? How is acne formed?  How can acne be cured? Read on to know the answers.

What is acne?

Acne is caused in humans mostly at the age of adolescence, and it may be caused due to many reasons. One of the reasons is the increase of male hormones in both genders, which takes place during adolescence.

 There are chances that the acne can just disappear after some time, but that does not mean that one should ignore acne completely.

Types of acne:

  • Whiteheads: whiteheads appears when excess oil and dead skin cells clog the opening of the pore; it looks like small flesh-colored or white-colored bumps.
  • Blackheads: Almost similar to whiteheads but when the material clogging the pore pushes through and becomes exposed to the air, it reacts with oxygen and turns black.
  • Pimples: The classic red spots pop up when bacteria gets trapped inside the pore with the oil and dead skin, leading to inflammation.
  • Cystic acne: These hard and painful bumps can feel like a marble under the skin — they occur when the oil, dead skin and bacteria penetrate deeper into the skin.

How Can Acne be cured?

Acne can be cured, and there are several medicines that are available for acne. However, while deciding on the medicines, one should think about whether the acne medicine that has side effects on the skin, which could be more dangerous than the acne itself.

Acne can also be cured naturally, and in fact that is the best way to cure acne, because it is one of the most common skin ailments that a person faces while they are reaching their adult life.

Techniques to Make the Skin Better and get rid of acne:

The world is in chaos as far as environment is concerned in the present day and time. Global warming, rising pollution levels, carbon dioxide content shooting up in the air, all are causes that we need to worry about as they are slowly but surely dilapidating the atmosphere of our planet. And as far as human beings are concerned, the worst to suffer is skin. The ultra violet rays emitted by the sun make the skin dry and lifeless. Skin diseases such as eczema are largely looming in the present times and it is important for us to take better protective measures against such an onslaught.

There are some ways to help reduce these effects and keep your skin breathing and soft:-


 While bathing or taking our daily showers, we use soap in large quantities which results in our skin getting dry and aging prematurely. A good skin cleanser can resolve that problem as it cleans the skin thoroughly and leaves you fresh and glows on your skin. Cetaphil is amongst the common cleansers advised by leading experts.

Waterproof sunscreen lotions with high SPF:

Skin cancer is also one of the hazards that is growing by the minute and is a deadly disease. Sunscreen is a must have to avoid getting into that situation and also keeping your skin nice during hot days when you sweat profusely. Some sunscreens come with SPF’s already present in them. Waterproof sunscreens have the highest SPF and they prevent the sun rays from damaging your skin and also premature ageing of the skin.

Retinol creams and Lotions:

 Retinol is an anti aging lotion used by dermatologists worldwide to reduce the ageing of the skin and wear & tear. The retinol lotions have a high percentage of vitamin A which is a natural in skin care and prevents the skin from wrinkles. It has a stream of active ingredients which do not let your skin to stretch and keep the lines and wrinkles away from forming onto your skin.

Eye creams & Treatments:

One of the most prone areas to wrinkles and lines are the areas under your eyes. It is extremely sensitive and is prone to diseases such as crow’s feet. Hydroderm is a brand that makes very effective skin care parts for this particular purpose and is also commonly advised by experts.

Skin care is important. It’s often termed as the window to our body. We should be careful and be good to take care of it well!

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