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There are two major ways by which we can remove or change the background of a video without a green screen on mobile.

1.     By using the Chroma key

2.     Without a Green screen

1) By using the Chroma key

This is the easiest and most efficient method of background changing on mobile or pc.

Chroma key function can be performed by using many applications on mobile as well as computer.

Application for mobile

1)                Capcut

 this application is available on google play store or iPhone app store.

Requirement for Performing Chroma key

1)    You should have a single colored background it can be green, black or whatever you want.

2)    You should have good split light on your background.

What is spit light?

The light that separates your body/object from the background. It can be an Edison bulb or a simple Led bulb.


1-    With  Capcut


When you have all the requirements for removing or changing the background of a video then you can use the following feature of Capcut and can easily remove or change the background of your video.

Use the Following step shown in the pictures:




2) Without Green Screen

To remove or change the background without a green screen you can use two applications one is for android. 

1)    Cap cut

Use the following step to remove the background of the video without the green screen shown in the images:




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