Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world 2022 

 We live in a world in which anyone may travel anywhere from anywhere in a matter of hours in a way the world is small. However, this global village is risk-free in the most dangerous cities to live in the world 2022. it'll not be possible at least not in the foreseeable future to travel as you like to visit anywhere the broad economic and political disparities that exist worldwide have resulted in the formation of rich zones. which are generally believed to be secure on the other side of the divide are collapsing zones dangerous to live in. we hereby present the 12 most dangerous cities to live in in the world where violent crimes such as homicide and kidnappings are commonplace.

List Of top 10 most dangerous cities in the world 2022

  • Ciudad Juarez Mexico
  • Durban South Africa
  • Cape town
  • Saint Louis
  • Port Moresby Papua new guinea
  • Tijuana Mexico
  • Natal and Fortaleza Brazil
  • Caracas Venezuela
  • Cabo san Lucas Mexico
  • Juba Sudan 
  • Mogadishu Somalia
  • Damascus Syria 

12. Ciudad Juarez Mexico

Ciudad Juarez is sometimes known as just Juarez is one of the most populated cities along the united states Mexico border because of its size and geographic location.

The city serves as a critical corridor for the two North American countries however it is one of the 12 most dangerous cities to live in the world on our list. it's notorious for violent crime frequent cartels and unrestrained gang fights. most notably between the Sinaloa cartel and the Juarez cartel and other criminal activities as a result of this Juarez was once recognized as the world's most dangerous metropolis around 2010. as drug conflicts reached their zenith the presence of the Mexican federal police and armed forces increased in the area it, unfortunately, resulted in human rights violations.

11. Durban South Africa

 South Africa is one of the most industrialized countries on the African continent however its cities are among the most dangerous cities to live in the world.

urban is one of such places with high rates of violent crime and theft urban and its neighboring districts had a significant increase in homicides during the 1990safter declining for a decade. it's been on a steady rise urban is a key transit point for smuggling narcotics into and out of sub-Saharan Africa and a major transit point for immigrants and drug peddlers there has been a huge increase in the number of drugs being traded in the region during the last two decades

10. Cape town

South African addition to other large cities the south African city of cape town which is the legislative capital is experiencing an increase in the number of criminal activities including drug-related crime and gang violence this places it among the 12 most dangerous places to live in the world.

In cape town, the homicide rate is extremely high with about 63 persons per 100 000 inhabitants as of 2020. the recent increase in the number of south Africans leaving the country is primarily ascribed to an increase in crime and corruption in the country's urban areas expects to have tagged South Africa as the second most dangerous country to reside after Afghanistan.

9. Saint Louis

united states saint Louis is the second largest and most populous city in Missouri and it saints an independent city it has one of the highest crime rates in the country with approximately 66 killings per 100 000 residents in 2017.

According to official statistics that is approximately 10 times the national average because of this st Louis has consistently been named as one of the most dangerous cities to live in the world since the mid-1990 seven in the face of its violent past however St. Louis continues to be a desirable location for businesses and startups according to the pew charitable trust around 15000 college graduates came to to the city between 2000 and 2014.

8. Port Moresby Papua new guinea

Papua new guinea is a sovereign republic in the southwestern pacific ocean located north of Australia and east of the Solomon islands many people believe that the country is dangerous chiefly due to the crime situation in port Moresby.

 In the capital city and in this city, the rate of serious crime is high machetes known in local parlance as bush knives and other firearms are commonly used in assaults and thefts as far back as 2004 the city had been ranked as the worst livable capital because of its high unemployment and the resultant high levels of crime and it has remained so for almost two decades after the risk of office break-in abduction for ransom sexual assault and rape is high here a magazine ranked the city as one of the most dangerous cities to live in for women

7. Tijuana Mexico

Tijuana is the most popular city in more bay and the sixth most populous city in Mexico Tijuana has a significant impact on the political transportation and tourism of the entire country due to its thriving economy.

According to some estimates, the city is the birthplace of the Tijuana organization previously regarded which was previously regarded as Mexico's most powerful and violent drug cartel between 2007 and 2013 the city's gang-related crime rate reached an all-time high while homicide rates increased by 48 percent according to the united nations development program, Tijuana has one of the world's highest per capita homicide rates with 85 homicides per 100000 people as of 2020.

6. Natal and Fortaleza Brazil

 combine the cities of natal and Fortaleza and brazil because they have one common feature as dangerous cities live in the world.

Both cities have the highest rates of violent crimes including kidnappings and murders in the country people are kidnapped after withdrawing money from ATMs government agencies and security personnel usually come under attacks by gangs

5. Caracas Venezuela

Caracas is the largest city and capital of Venezuela located on the country's northern coast on the continent of South America. And 5th in the list of most dangerous cities in the world 2022.

 According to the FBI, the city has a history of violence and its crime rates are far higher than the national average for kidnappings and other serious crimes the receipt has the second highest murder rate globally the rising crime rate in both the country and the city is mostly linked to the deep-rooted political instability that has existed since the death of president Hugo Chavez in the late 1990. Scaracas has since remained at the receiving end of such instability almost 98 percent of crimes committed here go unpunished.

4. Cabo san Lucas Mexico

 Cabo san Lucas city in the Mexican state of Byer California sewer has a long history of drug-related violence the gang violence in Cabo san Lucas is centered in impoverished neighborhoods.

while tourist destinations and resorts are generally safe local gangs frequently resort to violence to smuggle drugs through the city to gain control of the territory following the arrest of drug Lori Joachim Guzman also known as el Chapo in 2016 allegations of gang violence in Cabo san Lucas and the neighboring areas skyrocketed especially in the summer months it's one of the most dangerous cities to live in the world 2022.

3. Juba Sudan 

like the majority of other cities in South Sudan, juba suffers from a high rate of crime and experiences a significant amount of political and social upheaval the second Sudanese civil war has officially been declared ended.

The nation's economy which has been weakened continues to breed economic inequity. juba without question is one of the most dangerous locations on the face of the planet thousands of people were killed and many more were injured in a massive armed war that broke out in the region in 2003 and ended in 2010. the subsequent poverty starvation and corruption make it a fertile ground for criminal activities

2. Mogadishu Somalia

 An African country on the east coast of Africa bordering the north by the gulf of Aden the east by Somalia and the west by the Ethiopian highlands hasn't known peace for Mogadishu.

The capital city is one of the most dangerous cities in Somalia. Somalia is still engulfed in a civil conflict that began nearly three decades ago the war is the conscience of a fight for control among political factions in the country it's often regarded as one of the bloodiest if not the bloodiest conflicts since world war many war-related crimes are committed in Mogadishu making it one of the most dangerous cities to live in the world 2022.

1. Damascus Syria 

Syria is the world's second least peaceful country according to the 2019 global peace index rankings Syrian capital and largest city Damascus is a large metropolitan area as a result of decades of civil conflict and political upheaval.

The country is one of the most dangerous in the world Damascus has the worst reputation of any Syrian city in terms of muggings robberies and other violent crimes at least 40 000 people have been killed in Damascus since the beginning of the civil war in 201In of In June 2020 over 5.6 million Syrian nationals have sought asylum in other countries while 6.2 million individuals have been internally displaced here have them our 12 most dangerous cities in the world.

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