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Main outlines for this topic

  1. Types of letter 
  2. formal and informal
  3. types of formal letter 
  4. structure of letter

Types of Letter

Basically, there are two main types of letters.

  1.       .    Formal letter
  2.       .   Informal letter

·       Formal Letter

A formal letter follows the letter structure and rules very strictly. Formal letters are written at a professional level or in an organization.

·       Informal letters

The informal letter does not follow the structure and rules very strictly. A letter written to your relatives or friends is a type of informal letter.

Types of Formal letter

1.    1.  Sales letter
2.      Inquiry letter
3.      Order letter
4.      Refusal letter
5.      Complaint letter
6.      Recommendation letter
7.      Appointment letter
8.      Termination letter
9.      Adjustment letter
10.  Resignation letter


·       Sales letter

 A letter to promote our company product or service and include a call to action.

·       Inquiry letter

We write an inquiry letter when we want to learn more about the product service or event.

·       Order letter

        Order letters are for placing orders for new goods or services from a company.

·       Refusal letter

A refusal letter written to respond to a job offer that an individual chooses to refuse due to circumstances such as acceptance of another position is a lack of interest.

·       Complaint letter

This type of formal letter is written to express dissatisfaction with goods or services.

·       Recommendation letter

Similar to a sales letter recommendation letter write to recommend new products or services.

·       Appointment letter

An appointment letter is a document letter that officially confirms a candidate's employment.

·       Termination letter

A termination letter is written to an employee to inform him that he has been terminated from a job or service.

·       Adjustment letter

A letter written to a customer to satisfy him against the complaint he submitted against your company or products.

·       Resignation letter

A letter of resignation is written to announce that the author intends to leave a position currently held such as officer, employment, or Commission.

Structure of Letter:

                                                                                          Sender Address:                                                                                                      Date  :(July 2nd, 2022)                        



Recipient Name:


Address :   


Subject:                                                                                 .                        

Salutation :{ Dear Sir}

Main Body:                 Introduction of yourself                                                             .                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                     Supporting Sentences  (details)                                                                 .                                                                                                                  

Conclusion: (What do you want ?).

Complimentary close: (will be Thankful etc.).

Yours Truly



Don't hesitate to ask any questions.  


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